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Alongside our St-Martin destination, We now have a one week Yoga trip in Hawaï in june 2018

Idolem Evasion Yoga - Lodging, studios & villas


The concept of vacation that we offer is based on the balance. We understand that you do not have a lot of vacation per year and do not want to drop your yoga practice or spend your week to eat at the hotel buffet. During a full week, you will practice in the morning on a beach
and the second practice will be a surprise location.

This year we offer two different Island choices for your Yoga retreat.
St-Martin Island and Hawaii Island.

During your week, you will have a morning and an afternoon Yoga sessions on various sites of the island, letting you enjoy local nature and discover the surroundings.

A beautiful blend of mountains, ocean and breath-taking panoramas; we have chosen heavenly sites to feed your eyes and soul.

For the rest of the day, you aree free to enjoy your vacation any way you want.

You want to go back to the hotel to rest?
You can take the hotel's shuttle.

You want to explore the island, we'll guide you to all the great spots.

You want to take a day off to visit St-Barth or Honolulu?
We will find the best options within the desired schedule.

We can even rent you a car if you want to enjoy the island.


The package includes airfare (to Canadian customers only), accommodation in a studio or two-bedroom villa, yoga practices, detox session, shuttle from the airport to the residence and transportation to all practices. The only thing that is not included is food so each one can follow its own diet. We will invite you to discover the island through local restaurants, touristic points and we will make everything possible so you can enjoy your vacation.

All flights and hotels offered in our packages are booked through Terre et Monde travel agency


The majority of our participants are beginners and the group is very diverse. Our Idolem teachers from IDOLEM HOT YOGA are able to manage these differences. The goal of yoga is the practice and not the performance. You will focus on improving yourself in your own pace.

Most of the time our guests are individuals who need to take care of them while having fun. Whether alone or accompanied, you will find balance with our services by joining the group and recharging.

It's your vacation and we understand that.
We will make sure to combine Yoga and some vacation time.



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